EvidenceDB for Law Firms

Whether you are the defense or plaintiff counsel, you will need to manage media files that are considered evidence in your action.

EvidenceDB is created to assist you in centralizing and managing these media evidence files. We can even help you upgrade a flawed video file.

You can create searchable content, access from a mobile device, comment, share, securely store and record all activity associated with that case file.

We all know that the loss or contamination of a media evidence file can provide a tremendous advantage to opposing counsel; you can prevent this from happening to your clients by safeguarding all media evidence files relevant to the case with EvidenceDB.

We can help put an end to poorly managed media evidence files. No matter who needs access to your evidence files, their activity will be logged so that you will know who accessed which file, when they accessed it, and what they did with it.

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